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Cae Keys

I am a product/growth operator with a strong design background.

Earlier in my career, I shipped one of the most-used products in the world at Microsoft Office, delivered cross-cultural service prototypes and brand strategies at IDEO, and created wearable-gestural interfaces at MIT Media Lab.

However, after I cofounded a fintech startup that failed to achieve sustainable growth and monetization, I became fascinated with solving Product-Market Fit and Growth problems.

For the past several years, I have been working with small and big companies in need of discovering and validating new use cases (PMF) or getting more people to experience its value proposition (Growth & Marketing).

I love merging Design Thinking and the deliberate hypothesis accounting approach from the startup world. To achieve, maintain, and expand PMF, I craft customer experiences with Growth System principles (retention/acquisition loops, plus monetization) in mind.

People tell me that I am organized and methodical, prolific in hands-on production, and have high conviction and integrity. But don’t take it from me — hear it from them below.



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