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Groundwork for systematic growth

Premium lifestyle brand

Lifestyle Brand [real name not disclosed] is a direct-to-consumer retailer with a distinct brand reputation around pleasure, elegance, and imagination. In order to sustain and organize their growth efforts, I proposed a series of foundational work.

Please note: Some images on this page have been re-created and re-styled with placeholder content to illustrate the work process and the output without disclosing the actual deliverables.

Services Proposed

Growth Foundation

Use Case Definition
Use Case Visualization
Lifecycle Definition
Qualitative Growth Model

Growth Foundation Proposal

This is a proposal for an 8-week engagement I prepared: The goal is to build a foundation for systematic and sustainable growth strategy.

Early Design Drafts
Cover slide: Growth Foundation ProjectAn initial engagement to build a foundation for systematic and sustainable growth strategy.A common understanding firstSprint 1. Use case definitionsSprint 2. Use case visualizationSprint 3. Lifecycle definitionSprint 4. Qualtative growth modelWhat comes next after this 8-week project?
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